Feeding dry kibble--how much?
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Thread: Feeding dry kibble--how much?

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    DefaultFeeding dry kibble--how much?

    I am adopting a 2 year old small, spayed, Lab cross. The other half is possibly a Cocker based on her wavy coat and that fact that she weighs 36 pounds. She looks like a Lab and does not appear to be overweight. I am experienced (in the past) in feeding Siberian huskies who are extremely efficient in metabolizing food and require smaller amounts than othe dogs of similar size. With my Sibes I alternated bags of Chicken Soup Adult and Canidae All Life Stages and will probably feed the new dog these brands. The new LabX has been on Science Adult while boarded at a vet's. I would appreciate advice regarding how much to feed my new little girl. I normally feed a dog twice a day. Thanks.

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    depends on the food. the bag often gives an amount that is too much.

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    Yup, depends on the dog! But, I have fed, or have had boarding dogs fed those kibbles. For a dog that small, I would startbat 1/2 cup twice a day and adjust from there. My 60# dogs get about 1 cup 2x, and my 85# dogs get 1.5 cups 2x. (feeding TOTW and Grandma Lucy's).

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    My little 25# dog maintains her weight at 1 cup a day.

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