How a processed dog food and high protein diet causes cancer, disease and organ fail
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Thread: How a processed dog food and high protein diet causes cancer, disease and organ fail

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    DefaultHow a processed dog food and high protein diet causes cancer, disease and organ fail

    Have you read this? Any thoughts?

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    I guess you have to take it for what it is worth in your own opinion.
    I feed a food that is slow baked at a lower, than what is considered normal, temperature. It is not processed using the heat extrusion process as many foods are. I also add a large amount of fresh fruits and veggies and don't feed any processed dog treats.
    You have to do what makes you feel good but if we worry about everything out there we may as well put our dogs in a plastic bubble. We do the best we can and pray it is enough.
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    The article is a few years old and he is basing a lot of this on the china Study which was a study done on human nutrition.

    Personally after reading the China Study and other similar studies I switched my own diet to a plant based one. I went from eating the typical American diet to eating whole grains, fruits, legumes, and vegetables. I did this February of last year. I have seen tremendous health improvements since doing so. The documentary "Forks Over Knives" really convinced me to try this way of eating and after doing so for three weeks I felt better then I ever had before in my life and so I continued.

    With that said however I think it is a leap to apply this study on human nutrition to dogs. There have been some studies done recently that show domestic dogs evolved to be able to process carbs along with meat so much so that they can live on a plant based diet. One of the oldest known living dogs was fed a plant based diet, if I remember right he lived to be 26 or 27 in Austrialia. So there are people feeding dogs plant based diets and they are doing well on them.

    I am still not convinced however even with the incredible good health effects I experienced after doing the switch. There is just not enough research being done in this area.

    I do know with my new pup I am researching how to feed a non-kibble diet. I don't know enough yet to do so, so I will be feeding a high quality kibble likely through puppyhood but when I feel confident on my research I will eventually stop feeding kibble. I am researching raw diets right now but also continuing to read and talk to people who are feeding plant based diets to their dogs.

    If you take anything away from this it is that nutrition does effect health, more then we like to believe. It is true for humans and I am willing to bet it is true for dogs as well.
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    I think if we are concerned about what our dogs are eating we have to research and make the best choice for them and us. There are loads of variables in what we feed out dogs and ourselves. I don't think there is a one fits all.

    I have been feeding Tess fish and more plant based diet to try and get her yeast allergies under control. She is doing ok, but long term I don't think it is good. I have heard many vegetarian dogs do very well. Aside from calcium and other vitamins needed I have been concerned about the crunch she would get from bones or kibble that help her gums and teeth.

    I do agree with humans and dogs we have too many additives in our food. Does this give us cancer, or help cancer grow?
    I had a friend diagnosed with cancer and she ate all veges so think there are many variables with cancer. Until they prove otherwise studies and theories are just that so we need to work out what we feel comfortable with.

    One thing I am sure of cancer in our DNA has a lot to do with it. Will eating different foods change that or help it? I took Kass off all processed food when she was diagnosed. Did it help her live longer than the odds they gave? Could have been all the prayers and good thoughts. Could have been her will to live. So many things effect us.
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