Advice please - sores on top lips of our new puppy
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Thread: Advice please - sores on top lips of our new puppy

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    QuestionAdvice please - sores on top lips of our new puppy


    Hi everyone, we have been subscribers to the Just Labs Magazine for years, but this is my first time in the forums.

    On Jan. 26th we took home our new chocolate lab puppy, we named him Harley. Harley is our 3rd chocolate lab.
    We have Hunter (9) and Hailey (6) at home along with a grey kitty named Koda (16).

    On the ride home, I felt hard lumps in his top lips. One on each side. A few days later, one side was opened and a little oozy looking.
    We thought he had rubbed his face on his kennel bars since he didn't like being in his kennel and barked a lot.

    On the evening of Jan. 30th, we noticed that both sides of his top lips were open and oozy. One side even had a little bloody discharge.
    He had his 1st vet visit the very next day and our vet didn't even notice the lip sores. We didn't mention them because a friend thought it was just puppy acne and that if we kept it clean and dry, the areas would clear up on their own. We didn't want this small issue put into his vet records because it would be considered a pre-existing condition on his major medical insurance policy. (just bought the policy on the Jan. 16th)

    But, at 2:00 am on Jan. 31st he came in from his potty break with a honking, raspy cough. What worried us was that he sounded like he was trying to get something out of his throat and we thought he might be dealing with a blockage. I did sweep his throat but found nothing. We took him to the ER vet and he did not think we were dealing with kennel cough as he did not cough for the vet at all. However, this vet noticed the lip sores and questioned us about them. He thought since the sores are exactly at the same area on either side of his lips that he had gotten into something caustic. Did he bite an electrical cord or get into some chemicals? We mentioned that on pick up day 2 of the pups were biting on a hose from a sprayer of some type in the corner, but we again mentioned the hard lumps found on day one. I told him what we thought is was puppy acne, he researched it, and he agreed that could be it. He gave us 10 days of Amoxicillan antibiotics to help clear it up.
    I also have been cleaning the areas with hydrogen peroxide and applying neosporin once a day.

    Today is 4 days in on the antibiotics. The areas look pink/red and clean and without any discharge. I should mention that they do not bother this little guy and his attitude, energy level and appetite are just great for an 8 week old puppy. The areas are definitely recessed though as if skin is missing.

    Has anyone dealt with this at all? We would like to know if it will clear up and the skin will fill in. Should we go back to the ER vet and ask for a skin test to see what we are dealing with? I don't think he did a very thorough job and was just guessing at a diagnosis. The clinic will not cc our regular vet so this issue will stay out of his records, but if it gets any worse we'll get her involved anyway.

    3 Chocolate labs and 1 grey kitty at our house!

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    My chocolates have had that from time to time as well. Usually when they were younger. The vets were no help whatsoever. I always just likened them to pimples on their lips and they stay around a bit longer due to their mouths always getting into something on the ground. I would try to keep it clean (try witch hazel instead of peroxide), put on a dab of neosporin when you can (they'll lick it off pretty quick, so don't put a lot), and in time, they do go away. You can get similar on their chins as well. I hate excessive use of antibiotics, so I wouldn't bother with the oral ones if you don't get any results after this course.

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    Could your pup be biting his lip? My labrador has bitten his lip since he was little. His canine teeth line up in a weird angle just enough to catch his lip from time to time. He has a callous spot there now. Here is a picture, I circled the spot because it was a hard to see. It bled and would scab up when he was younger. (he has the same spot on both sides of his mouth)
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    Thank you for the replies.

    To LuvBrown: It's SO good to know they will clear up. I'll try the witch hazel instead and I only apply the neosporin when he's sleepy. I have not seen him lick it off.

    To Canula2000: I doubt he is biting his lips, but I'll watch him to see. We looked and his lower canines don't match up to the sore spots. I also don't think that would explain how they came on... from a hard lump in the upper lips, to an open area, to an infected pussy/bloody (eeew!) sore.

    I sure hope this won't be a regular thing for our new little guy. We are dealing with a lot right now already. Our 9 yr. old has been battling osteosarcoma since last May. He is a tripawd and doing well right now, but we got this new pup for our 6 yr. old since we don't know how long we'll have with him.
    3 Chocolate labs and 1 grey kitty at our house!

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