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    UnhappyNeed a little Help/Advice

    My gorgeous Lab Fable has been under the weather recently, She had Pyometra, we had her spayed and treated, and she seemed fine after that, she had her 10 day check up and was fine.

    However she keeps limping, her left shoulder seems to be hurting her and she keeps wimpering when she has to move it, so ofcourse she doesnt like to get up much, though she will sometimes and follow me around, so based on that i'm guessing its not broken?

    It's just she's been through a rough time and the vet just said she could go a little walk now, she would have loved that but i cant take her out while she's limping and crying.

    She's not off her food she's loving it and wolfing it down, she's drinking ok, and she's been for a wee on the yard... her shoulder just seems to really hurt her at the moment and its making her all fed up!

    Has she sprained it? Pulled a muscle? Trapped nerve? Dislocated? Any idea's? Her Daughter (a choccie lab by the name of sasha) is our pet too, and she is VERY boistrous, she's never grown up and acts like a pup when she's even bigger than her mum! she bashes about and leaps around and i do wonder if she has knocked her!

    Also we gave her a very low 75mg tab of aspirin to ease the pain, i read it was good for this type of thing in dogs... she stopped crying so much and seem to relax more thank god it isnt nice seeing your pet in pain!

    Advice? any idea's? should i just let her rest for a few days? or take her straight to the vets (this started yesterday evening) though the vet saw her yesterday morning and she was all fine?





    Choc is Sasha the Daughter, Yellow is Fable the mum (Mum is 7yrs Daughter is 5yrs)

    P.S. The pic of fable is when she had just come home after her operation snuggled up with her blanket.
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    I'd take her back to the vet for a check. She might need stronger painkillers, anti inflammatories or an xray.

    Good luck.

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    Your safest bet would be to take her to your vet for a quick check. Can you keep her from playing with her daughter fir several days, no fetching, romping or anything else and see if there is an improvement? Can you confine her to a crate?

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    The dog needs to see the vet. It doesn't matter if she was just there, she's hurt herself since being in there, and now needs the vet to see something else.

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    As well as echoing all the above I just came on to say, I LOVE her name. Fable, gee, I might just keep that in mind for myself for some time in the future. I hope Fable is OK.

    What is her daughter's name?

    Oh wait, I do have a thought on the asprin. My Vet has ok'd it for muscle strain and such. But aspirin does have mild blood thinning properties. An 81 mg dose is sometimes used daily by people for that purpose. So I kind of wonder if it's the right thing to use after such a big surgery when you might want clotting to proceed? Did your Vet say it was OK for this use?

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    I have been to the vets they gave her Onisor 40mg and said if its no better within a week bring her back, we also got some doggy vitamins for her, she's so bad at the moment though her shoulder doesnt seem to hurt to touch or bend its just when she puts weight on it.... here she is, this maybe a bit distressing for people to see it certainly is for me

    P.S. is heat good for her shoulder? should i put a hot water bottle on it? the vet said some of the muscle had wasted away on it, other than that she didnt say much.

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    She's on 40mg of orison i think its called, the vet said just see how she is in a week but look at her.... my poor baby... it really is stressing me out seeing her like this and hearing her cry its causing me to panic and worry to death!

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