4 Y/O Chocolate regurgitation
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Thread: 4 Y/O Chocolate regurgitation

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    Hi, I am new to this forum (and site) but was wondering if any of you seasoned lab owners could offer some advice. Our 4 year old chocolate male has never had any significant health problems, comes from well documented genes and is a very active boy. Recently, he has started regurgitating his food but only after he drinks water. The water almost seems to trigger the regurgitation. We have taken numerous steps to remedy this problem, and/or reduce the regurgitation. In fact he will be at the Vet all day today for testing for congenial diseases, MegaE, etc. My question for you seasoned lab owners is this; my vet brought up the possibility that if she finds nothing wrong with him, to look at his food as a possible culprit. We have had many food "issues" with Chesney so it wouldn't suprise me. As a pup we found out very quickly that he can not have any chicken flavored food, he was ultimately put on a lamb mix, but that seemed to cause skin allergies. Got him off that and put him on Blue Buffalo Natural Fish and Sweet Potato, it seems like the regurgitation started right around the time he started with the Blue Buffalo. So what brands, mixes, dry/wet?, kind of food do you all reccomend for your labs? Keep in mind this boy is very very sensitive to food allergies. I was just wondering if you guys had any reccomendations, especially parents of MegaE dogs, or dogs with sensitive stomachs. Thanks yall

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    welcome to the forum. I have been on a food roller coaster since all the food recalls. I decided to stay away from all foods made by Diamond and that is difficult. My Nellie's problem is runny poops. Just switched her off Earthborn which the vet thought might be too rich. We are now trying a Canadian food called NOW which is grain free.

    I would stay away from Blue Buffalo. Several lab friends said they found rocks and debris in the food. Royal Canine is a great food but I could not find their senior blend anywhere near me.
    Nellie, CGC
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    My boy is a little over 6 yo and thanks to the local creek and a flaming case of giardia, his stomach is sensitive. I switched him to Natural Balance LID duck and potato as I heard it was good for sensitivities. He hasn't had any problems since we started it except one time with a loose stool after I fed him some of my dinner, Now, his coat is better and he loves it.

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