Puppy's skin is dry, itchy and falling off.
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Thread: Puppy's skin is dry, itchy and falling off.

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    DefaultPuppy's skin is dry, itchy and falling off.

    My husband and I adopted a lab mix puppy about a month ago. She is so precious and we adore her. When we got her she had one area on her forehead near her eye where her fur was sort of thinning but otherwise she seemed great. She was so super itchy and we did some capstar & advantage and some baths (with oatmeal shampoo) because we thought she had fleas. I haven't seen anymore evidence of fleas but over the last week or so, her fur has gotten progressively worse and now I am really worried!! I want to preface by saying that I have called the vet and I am hoping to get her in tomorrow or whenever their first appt is but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. I just want to know what we are looking at. Basically, the fur has become shorter and almost has this sizzled look in some spots. Some of the fur is orangey/brown and she has some spots where the fur is coming off. Then, in the one picture of her laying down, you can see the thinning area. Well, now it is much larger and the fur is gone, and she keeps scratching it so it bleeds a little bit and then scabs. Does this look like mange, food allergy, etc? We are so worried.

    Thanks for your help and I look forward to becoming a part of this forum. Oh! My puppies name is Nora.
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    She's a lucky pup to have you. I'll be willing to bet the skin issue is treatable and not big $$$$.

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    I would see what the vet says. It will be treatable.
    Each dog is different and what is a food or environmental allergy to one dog with the same symptoms, could be something else to another. Once diagnosed you know what you are dealing with. Again what works for one may not work for another.
    It sounds like what Tessa has, but may be something totally different. Tessa has yeast infections and itches and loses fur. Around her eyes look like she is wearing glasses where there is no fur.

    She looks adorable.

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