Hi Everyone, Update on Bear
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Thread: Hi Everyone, Update on Bear

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    DefaultHi Everyone, Update on Bear

    Hi Everyone,
    Haven't been on here for a while but brought Bear to the vet he is 9months now! :-) he has been having some left knee problems so the vet said his knee is cracking alittle but not dislocated which is good.. he needs to be on a diet though a porky boy 95.5lbs and only 9 months old and gets tons of exercise too.. but he is on anti-inflammation meds and once he drops 10-15lbs hoping his problem goes away because this is recent.. having xrays on his hips just in case once he is at his ideal weight.

    here is a picture of him
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    He's a very handsome boy! It's ok to exercise him a lot with a knee problem? Can you get him somewhere to swim (therapy pool or similar)?

    He's a little young for an accurate read on hip x-rays, by the way. Usually they don't evaluate them until 2.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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