Diesel's xrays indicated a bronchial infection, he's been on Clavaseptin since Jan 8th and I'm just not seeing any change whatsoever. He's still coughing, not having long fits like he did the night I took him into the e-vet, coughs sound really wet. I steamed him in the shower a few times to try to help him loosen up, when he coughs I have no idea if anything is coming up, he smacks his mouth so for all I know he could be coughing up phlegm and just swallowing it again.

Dose is 1.5 tablet (250mg tabs) every 12hrs until finished... 30 tablets so he'll be done Jan 28th. First two days his poop was absolute mush, I gave him some greek yogurt as I didn't have canned pumpkin & it helped but then I thought I shouldn't as I didn't want to add any congestion, but now his poops are back to solid on their own which is great.

Anyways has anyone used this med before? I'm going to call the vet in the morning, don't recall the med he was on when he had pneumonia in 2011 but I know it was only a 7 day run & he seemed to be doing much better on it. Hate this.