Suggestions please ... how to stop 'The Goat'
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Thread: Suggestions please ... how to stop 'The Goat'

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    DefaultSuggestions please ... how to stop 'The Goat'

    OK so DJ will eat anything & everything.

    So far:
    I've removed his blanket, or what was left of it. He was pooing a good 3ins of bedding a day!
    He ate Santa's head & hand - I'm guessing it's no pressies for DJ next year - this made him sick, then he ate the sick before I could get to it (ewww!)
    He stole a garlic bread baton (whilst I watched) from the worktop & sat with it sticking out of his mouth like a cigar in front of me
    Two pairs of my daughters shoes, she shouldn't have left laying around
    A CD, which he had to open a container to get to
    The cutlery from the drainer, again I was in the kitchen at the time

    On a more worrying note: Today he has consumed all but the top & base of a soda can. I gave him bread & milk and called the vet who suggests I watch him carefully tonight and take him in for an X-ray tomorrow morning.

    We are really careful about watching him or containing him but he is a fast & sneaky kleptomaniac & once he has something we cannot get it away from him.

    We have taught him leave it & he responds to this providing you tell him before he actually gets to it. Any suggestions PLEEESE, this is driving me nuts & I'm really worried. No matter how careful you are, you can't empty the house!

    This picture is DJ in disgrace, told off for stealing & he thinks he's hiding!


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    You need to teach "drop it!" for once he already has something
    in his mouth and might need to crate him for times you cant
    keep an eye on him !
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    I would tether him to me and immediately intervene when he moves to get a forbidden object. You need to teach him to LEAVE IT and DROP IT and also do a better job of puppy proofing the area.

    Tethering him will cramp his style in a big way.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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