We have a 6 month old puppy and she is going through her puppy acne phase. Within the last week though we noticed red swelling and bumps under her nose and lower lips. Does not seem to be bothering her although she licks it quite a bit. We are thinking about changing her plastic bowl that she's been using for about 3 months, but it just seems odd it's coming on now. She does like to nuzzler her nose in water dishes for long periods of time or until we have to pick it up off the floor. Not sure if this is related to puppy acne or if it's an allergic reaction to her dog food dish along with her nuzzling her nose in the metal water bowl? Just took her to the vet for an ear infection and the vet said that the red bumps on her stomack were acne, but forgot to ask about the nose which started up prior to the meds she got for the ear infection.