is my lab ok? puffy neck!!!!
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Thread: is my lab ok? puffy neck!!!!

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    Defaultis my lab ok? puffy neck!!!!

    is my lab ok? she seems like she has a puffy neck but idk i have attahced good pictures. she is very active and energetic 7 months old idk if im freaking out or its normal.
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    No idea. From your pics it appears that yes, the neck puffs out above and below the collar, but what this suggests to me is that perhaps her collar is too tight? You should be able to fit two fingers under her collar. Are you noticing a change in appearance of her neck? Both pics you posted look the same, do you have a pic prior to when her neck was puffy?

    If her appearance has changed and she appears puffy now and was not before, I would drop by the vet for a quick check up.

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    I agree - probably a too tight collar. Many people leave a collar on their dog that they have outgrown. It can become embedded if it is really tight and the dog is growing. Is this an outside dog?
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    Just looks like the collar is too tight, but like pp had said did it suddenly get puffier? or has she always had this build. Her build looks normal to me except where the bulge around the collar is
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    Agreed. If the collar is not too tight, see your vet.

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