Brown marks on belly
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    DefaultBrown marks on belly

    My 7 yr old chocolate lab just started getting brown marks all over her belly. They don't look irritated and don't seem to bother her. We recently switched from beneful to ultra because out pit was having a serious skin reaction. The lab has tried various brands of food over her lifetime but has never had a reaction like this. My question is should I take her to the vet or just switch foods again and see if it clears up? Thanks for your help!

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    There are a lot of ways to respond to this.

    baneful is probably the worst food out there...oh, wait, Dad's or 'Ol Roys may be worse. (not convinced about Science Diet...night recommend by vets, but SUPER SUPER grain heavy).

    That being said, can you describe what "brown" marks look like? If you can post pictures, and give more info, we may be of more help.

    Switching foods too often can create problems beyond any other issues. It CAN take a month or more to BEGIN to sort food issues out.

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