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    Ok so I have a half lab-half american eskimo mix (weird I know) and she is 6 monthes weighing about 22lbs, She hasnt had any pooping problems until about 24 hours ago. I got her when she was 8 weeks and luckily shes only pooped in the house twice. Well starting last night she was wanting to go outside to go potty and she was having wet poops. she went out at least 4 times and did this. Then i woke up and there were 2 wet piles in my house. Well she didnt go poop until 10 hours later and it was bigger than normal, like 3 times her normal poop size but it was solid. I have had her on the same dog that the people who gave me her had her on (Taste of the wild) and she never had issues. I give her a cup in the morning and a cup at night, should I reduce the amount? She isnt overweight and she is very active too. BTW her poop schedule seems to be back to normal. Should I have any concerns?

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    If the poops are back to normal and everything seems ok with the pup I would just keep an extra eye on them but probably not worth doing anything more at this moment.

    He may have eaten something that made him sick - sounds like he had explosive diareah (same as humans get, dogs get them too) so I wouldn't consider those "accidents in the house" as he simply could not hold it in. It happens to all dogs.

    When a dog has diareah, I generally withhold food for 24 hours (no food) and then put them on white rice and boiled beef and a spoon of pumpkin for a few days. But as I said, if all seems ok now it may not be worth doing that.

    I wouldn't reduce to less then 2 cups of food per day.

    ETA: I am not a vet, that is just my two cents. if anything else seems off about the dog or the diareah persists you may want to take more action and possibly see the vet.
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