8 month old puppy w/dome shaped ulerated...
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Thread: 8 month old puppy w/dome shaped ulerated...

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    Default8 month old puppy w/dome shaped ulerated...

    my 8 month old chocolate lab has a 1 inch dome shaped skin ulcer. The center looks black and grainy and the hair around it has fallen off. We noticed it a week ago and it appears to have gotten bigger. It doesnt seem to bother him since it is on his front shoulder area.

    I know everyone will suggest I take him to the vet but we just took our black lab to the vet cause of his allergic reaction to a spider bite ($300 later). I just was hoping someone would recognize this description. I will try and post a picture soon! Please help

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    I really think you should have a vet look at it. It could be from some kind of virus and will disappear, could be some kind of infection that will heal itself or need some medication on it or in him, it could be a cancer that needs to be removed and the sooner the better for you and the dog. Wouldn't you feel a lot better having a vet tell you to not worry about it, it will heal on its own. Best case! Or if not, be able to treat it as soon as possible.
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    I'm sorry but it's not responsible for anyone to diagnose a dog over the Internet. Like Ed said, it could be a lot of things, some good, some not so good so please have the dog seen by a vet. Talk to your vet. Maybe they'll let you do payments.


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