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    Both of our yellow Labrador girls are diabetic. With the cost of insulin, special diet and vet bills, we're looking for any way possible to cut costs without cutting the necessary degree of care. Does anyone out there know where we can buy Science Diet W/D at a reasonable price. PetsMart prices are killing us.

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    Did you see this thread? It is stickied in the Lab Chat section, there is some info there - perhaps not about your specific question, but good info nonetheless.

    Is there a reason you feed Science Diet W/D? Science Diet is not the best food, there are some members here with diabetic dogs that I believe feed regular brands like Wellness etc. Someone with more experience will certainly chime in at some point, but check out that stickied thread.

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    I have a diabetic Lab who we've been managing for about 5 years (since he was 18 months old). I don't and have never fed a prescription diet. I feed Wellness CORE with the addition of 1.5 cups of green beans at each meal for additional fiber. I feel that this allows us to provide a more quality food with the necessary fiber source without resorting to low quality fillers usually found in prescription foods.

    If you check out the K9 diabetes forum you will find many people who choose to use diets that are not prescription - I recommend it!

    I also recently found that Walmart has insulin for a fraction of what I had been paying at CVS. Given that most Labs go through a lot of insulin, this is a significant savings. I was spending $100 + for a month's supply and now that is down to around $30-35.

    Are your Labs siblings? Does your breeder know about their disease?
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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