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    DefaultBitten Puppy

    Hey guys and girls, looking for a little Labrador experience from a sesond owner

    I have a 3 month old chocolate lab pup named Mousse (male)....He is a very friendly and very curious little guy especially at his age. He is currently in the stage where he is being introduced to many different humans (all ages) and many different dogs(all ages) and many different houses and locations.

    Late this evening, very unexpectedly Mousse(the puppy) was bitten quickly on his ear by a 2 year old, (65 lb) female golden retriever. The attack lasted only a second and was a defensive tactic stemming from the golden being very nervous. However Mousse ( the pup ) had a piece of his ear tip taken off (about a 1/2 of an inch round)..seeing the time is after midnight and we have successfully stopped the bleeding with cold water and ice. We decided on going to the vet as early in the morning as possible. The portion of ear was placed on ice; though i don't believe it will be salvageable (based on size and location). WE have treated the effected area with 3% hydrogen peroxide diluted in water, we have also treated the wound with triple antibiotic ointment.

    My major question for you veteran dog owners is how to prevent my puppy from being scared of playing with other humans and dogs. He seems to be unfazed by the entire incident almost 2 hours after. Never any crying or change in behavior, playful and happy thfough the entire care session.

    Any advice for the entire situation will be much appreciated. Please no Nonsense about it being my fault for the incedent it was truly saddening and essentially unavoidable.

    Thank you all alot

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    A good rule of thumb is to ALWAYS keep your puppy under control around other dogs. You never know how another dog will react to your active puppy. You need a gentle, very supervised introduction. Both dogs should have been leashed. Puppies are adaptable, and it sounds like he is unfazed by his injury. So I doubt he will be afraid of other dogs. Your puppy could have been seriously injured, so next time be very cautious around a new dog. Let us know what the vet says.

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    Be more picky about what dogs your puppy meets. No sketchy dogs. No dogs whom are not socialized or under socialized. No dogs that dislike puppies.

    Keep socialising with other dogs, specifically find safe goldens so your pup has good experiences with new goldens.

    Do not make a big deal or stress out when you meet new dogs, the pup will feel it.
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    Agree with Pam & Tanya you need to be more cautious about what dogs interact with Mousse. You assessed the Golden was nervous, as soon as you see that behaviour trait you grab your dog and leave, no 2nd guessing, better safe than sorry. Be careful about how close he gets with new dogs you do not know, until you can assess the behaviour of the other dog to be safe.

    Whenever Diesel meets other dogs, we always approach cautiously, I always ask the owner if their dog is friendly, even if they say "yes" I still do my own assessment of the dog's body language and still keep the leash taut so I can easily yank him out of harm's way should the other dog react badly. We've had a few close calls, amazingly enough more so with dogs whose owners claim their dog is friendly. Diesel is a very submissive dog & there is just something about him that sets some dogs off.

    Going forward, since he doesn't seem to be fazed by it, just move on, but keep the above in mind to avoid anything like this happening in the future.

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    Sorry to hear of your pup's injury. I was probably overly cautious when mine was a pup because I was so afraid of something like this happening. That said I would guess it was rather unusual behaviour for a breed that is normally so good natured. I was very careful about who my dog/pup played with and still she was attacked by a bad tempered collie cross at training classes one time.....and she wasn't even any where near her. Fortunately due to so many people being there the dog was grabbed before any injury was done and my young dog likely just figured the collie liked to play rough. No advice.....just wanted to say I hope your pup's ear heals well.

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