My dog pooped out a garbage bag!!!
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Thread: My dog pooped out a garbage bag!!!

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    DefaultMy dog pooped out a garbage bag!!!

    I was walking my dog a week ago and went to pick up her poop and noticed a plastic bag in her poop!!! I was very concerned and called my friend who is a vet. She told me to watch her closely the next few days and see how she is. Over the last week she has been acting totally normal and continues to poop out bits of the plastic bag. If its coming out should I be concerned? She had her first poop today that didnt have any plastic bag in it..... Does that mean its safe now?

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    They eat really strange stuff! My dog ate dryer sheets and they came out. Members here have posted about their dogs eating towels and diapers and all sorts of things. How large was the bag? The main thing is to see that she is pooping normally and nothing is being blocked. Watch her, if she starts to act like she isn't feeling well, she'll need to see a vet.

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    i'd be concerned for a couple of reasons.
    how on earth did she get it and you not know.and what was in it?

    hope this is the end of it (no pun)

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    I don't know how she managed to do it, but my son's Labrador pooped out a pair of pantihose. Well, actually half a pair. We had to help getting the second half out.

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    Labs are notorious for putting things in their mouths they should not, but some can be trusted more than others. If your dog has a history of eating things he should not then you need to be responsible and supervise accordingly.

    It may make for a funny story if it all works out ok, but plenty of dogs have died from ingesting bags, pantyhose, socks, etc. that cause an obstruction in their digestive tract. Not funny.

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