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    DefaultItchy right elbow

    This hasn't really concerned me much so far, but on his walk today, Bilbo was scratching his right elbow a lot. I've noticed him doing this a lot but only ever on walks. I'm hoping it is just the fact the wind blows the longer fur in his elbow and makes it itch. However, I am a little worried it could be some sort of joint problem? I've inspected the area and there is no visible skin issue. I'm booking him in with the vet in the new year to check out his smelly farts issue, ha! I could always ask him to look at his elbow too? Can dysplasia cause itches at first? He has a very good family history with low hip and elbow scores :/

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    Good hip/elbow scores do not guarantee your dog will never have an issue with HD/ED, etc. But, having said that I don't see how to conclude scratching an elbow as a joint problem. I have yet to read your smelly fart thread, but am wondering if itchy skin & smelly farts could be due to diet? Glad you are seeing a vet for your concerns.

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    Erns has joint problems and will lick the knuckle if sore. Never itch and not usually on a walk. Usually when he is ,quiet. I think itchy and smell is more food.

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