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    I have a 8 mo. old lab and since he was a baby he has been kind of lazy. We live i Florida and he came home in May so the heat was a factor that he hates. Now he is older and he still looks like he does not have the stamina that I have heard about labs. If you take him for a vigorous walk, after a while he just lay down and you have to fight with him to make him walk again. When we are playing ball fetch with him he does a few vigorous run and then he looses interest and stop chasing the ball, and sometimes he lays down panting for over 10 to 15 minutes. Is that OK? I want him to be more active and run and walk more but I am afraid of doing it. Is he still too young for that? when can I start doing rigorous and more vigorous exercise? BTW he was neutered recently and all his pre-surgery exams came out perfect.

    Thank you.


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    *points to her right palm*


    8 months is still a puppy. You should not be pushing a puppy. He's still growing and pushing him could cause damage to his joints and muscles. Once he's full grown (18 months), you can start building him up. Just like in humans, you need interval training to build up. It takes MONTHS; it doesn't happen overnight and doing it wrong can do more harm than good.


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    What Labby Laura said. You may end up regretting the lack of stamina though. LOL. When Nellie was about 2 years old we would walk the C&O Canal in Maryland. We went 10 miles. She probably did 20 with all the running and swimming. We would drive home with her napping in the car and be ready to go again. LOL I could not keep up with her.
    Nellie, CGC
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    I'm in Florida too and the summers are brutal, but I would have thought he would have picked up at least a little energy in the cooler periods.
    Do you have him on monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventative? We need it pretty much year round here.

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    Let your dog be your guide. If at this age he does not want to frolick, don't push him. Are you wanting a pet dog or a hunting dog?

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    Dare I say I envy you a little? Mine has two speeds: 100 MPH and sleep. He is almost 8 months and is in a bit of a "rebelious stage" and he seems to be testing his limits constantly time to take your eyes off of him and if he doesn't get his exercise he is not a good boy!
    Smokey 4/25/2012

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