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    I'm new here! We have 2 labs, an 11 1/2 year old yellow female & a newly adopted chocolate male (guessed to be about a year old.) We are having horrible problems getting him healthy! We rescued him from a local dog warden & were told he was found as a stray. We took him in for neutering within 2 days & the vet informed us that he had a pretty bad yeast infection all over his body (he was missing some fur on his hind leg.)

    The vet prescribed Ketonconazole 200 mg twice a day for 30 days, a medicated anti-fungal shampoo to be used once/week and a round of a week's worth of antibiotics. He also received one steroid shot at the vet. He has ended up with some red, raw and oozing spots where he just can't stop itching and chewing when we're at work. It seems like if anything, he's now way worse than he was 35 days ago when we adopted him. He has many bare & sore spots all over his lower back, tail and hind area. He has now finished the meds, which seemed to accomplish nothing. The vet's answer was more prednisone, but everything I read says not to give them more of that because it will just cause more problems.

    I've been giving him a tbsp of apple cider vinegar in his food twice/daily for about a week now, without any improvement. Today, I picked up some acidophilus pills, hydrocortizone cream (for the itchy spots), and greek yogurt to see if any of these items help him be more comfortable. I also ordered him new food to try - Nutrisource Grain Free Seafood Select with no grains or potatoes and I'm really hoping that will help him when it arrives later this week.

    Has anyone else been thru this? Is there something else I could be doing? I feel like the dog warden was very dishonest with us & knew he had a major problem going on. Not sure if this yeast could have been set off by the vaccines they gave him all at once, or maybe he was on antibiotics for something when they picked him up? He's a great dog and we feel horribly that he is so miserable, but are also running out of money to spend at the vet! LOL

    I'd love to hear from anyone battling this issue. Thanks for listening!!!

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    Man, I am sorry you are dealing with this. My only suggestion would be to try a canine dermatologist instead of the vet you have been seeing. Changing the food to a limited ingredient diet is a smart move and I hope it helps.

    You may want to cross post this in Lab Chat where it will get more people viewing it.
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    I rescued my chcolate girl Tess last year and she is a yeasty dog. I am sorry to tell you it isn't an easy road with a quick fix.She is 5 and the vets and allergy vet have told me if she had been treated earlier she would not be as bad as she is. I am not sure if they ever get rid of it as pups, but for us we never will.

    I bath her in Malaseb twice a week or as your vet recommends. Make sure you dry her completely. Not one damp spot or yeast will grow. I have learned the hard way and still learning. If I had known would I have rescued her. Honestly I am not sure, but so glad I have her. On broken skin I use coconut oil.
    I am lucky my vet does a lot of extra study on this and knows his stuff. I have found Pred has been the only thing to help. We had to take her off Pred for allergy tests, then when she had surgery and there were times I almost said quit.

    Food with fish and potato or sweet potato might help. Nizarol helps and also the dog equvilent of Lamisol helped, but not long term.

    I have some infor someone sent me so if you want to pm me your email I will forward it to you. She swears by Sea Cure which I can't buy here in N.Z.

    ETA. This week I have been feeding her canned Mackerel and sweet potato. She seems better, but this isn't a long term solution and not sure you can do this with a pup.

    Here is a photo of Tessas neck. This is common with yeasty dogs. I use coconut oil on it.
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    I'd also recommend seeing a derm vet.. best thing I ever did for Kolby and his allergies!

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