7 mo. old lab with diarrhea and night time vomiting-any ideas?
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Thread: 7 mo. old lab with diarrhea and night time vomiting-any ideas?

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    Default7 mo. old lab with diarrhea and night time vomiting-any ideas?

    Please forgive me if this has been covered before, but I have a client with a 7 mo. old lab puppy who has developed problems with intermittent diarrhea and night time vomiting over the past two months. He's been seen by vets, put on meds and has had the problem subside only to reoccur. He wakes his owner up in the wee hours with vomiting, usually bile. Owner says some of his stools are almost watery and contain mucus. Yesterday I saw him and his stool started out formed and normal, then became mushy with bloody mucus in it at the end. He has also vomited after eating one time. The vet has done xrays, no obstructions. They have checked his stools, no parasites. Owner is taking him in today and will request blood work. He is currently eating Pedigree dog food. I feel this may be part of the problem. I have suggested that the owner try putting him on a limited ingredient food to see if it helps. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    That's very poor quality food. I agree with you - I would switch that out first to a limited ingredient diet.

    I had a Dutch Shepherd with these symptoms for a long time until I learned that she was sensitive to beef and needed to be fed more frequently. Mucous in the poop means upset intestine. Bile vomiting at night is a classic empty belly symptom. Is this puppy on 2 or more meals a day?

    All dogs should be fed 2x daily and if this one has a very high metabolism they may need a small meal (handful of kibble) at bedtime.
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    It's the food. Try having your client change the food to something a bit better. Usually I recommend ProPlan Sensitive Skin and Stomach. The ProPlan does wonders with loose stools with its higher fiber and usually the night time vomiting ends too. The vomiting at night is usually an acid thing. The stomach is empty and the stomach acid causes the dog to urp up during the night.


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    Message Kassabella...her dog Erns has problems that she has had to address over the years, she may be able to help you...

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