Our beautiful Mia.
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Thread: Our beautiful Mia.

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    DefaultOur beautiful Mia.

    Our beautiful female black lab Mia started to drool this afternoon, she has never drooled before. My husband and I are concerned that their maybe something serious wrong with her. Mia is only 2.5 years old. If this continues tomorrow we will tak her to the vet. Has anyone had this happen to their lab before? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    My girl Maggie does this sometimes. Is it really watery dripping drool? If it is good luck in figuring it out. I have taken maggie to the vet over these episodes many times and nothing has ever been figured out about them. It could be anything from her stomach being upset, something tooth related to a sore throat. Like I said, we have never figured out what causes it. At one time we thought it was snow or cold weather related, but she has had episodes during the summer too. I had one vet suggest giving her a benadryl to see what happens and that has usually stopped the drooling within a half of an hour to 45 min. or so. Before we started the benadryl the episodes would last for hours sometimes. I would take Mia in to see the vet to make sure everything is ok. Good luck to you guys! If she seems to get gulpy, gassy and restless along with the drooling I would get her to the vet right away as that can be a sing of bloat.

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    Was their any food involved? If I am cooking & the smells are good....Kate will drool. They also droll when their tummies are upset. If it continues, it is always good to have your vet check it out.

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