intestinal blockage?
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Thread: intestinal blockage?

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    Defaultintestinal blockage?

    8 days ago my two year old 100lb lab/heeler mix zaydden may have eaten a rock. I am not sure if he ate it or not-as it was at night. My niece tossed it at him -in a playful gesture-and it disappeared. I am not sure if it went off the sidewalk or he ate it or he picked it up and dropped it. He has never showed any interest in rocks before but he has eaten a few things that he shouldnt have before. He has never had any problems passing anything-including a whole cooked chicken about 8 months ago or so. He has not vomitted at all in the last eight days and has been eating normally. Bowel movements have been small but I think they always have been as he is on Biljac-i think I have been hyper vigilant. He has been super playful as usual and playing with all his toys and my other little dog as usual. I went ahead and applied for care credit in case i need emergency care. Do I need to go ahead and have him xrayed? I am a college student and I am trying not to spend alot. The vet quoted 145 for the xray and 40 for office visit.

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    If your boy is not showing any signs of distress, I would not worry too much about it.

    I WOULD worry though, about some one throwing a rock at my dog....that is not a playful gesture!!!

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    Yes, agree. No symptoms = no need to take medical action. And do speak to your niece. Even if he did not eat the rock, he could have broken some teeth.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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