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Thread: Doggie Tooth Fairy - full time job

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    DefaultDoggie Tooth Fairy - full time job

    DJ (5 months) is teething, bless him. The kids seem to have made a sport out of finding teeth & bringing them to me. Tonight we noticed blood on his favourite teddy & when I looked he has lost his 1st canine. It looks clean enough & had stopped bleeding and doesn't seem to be bothering him at all.

    My question is, as he is becoming a bit gummy now, should I be softening his food or does the hardness help him massage his gums?


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    If it looks like he is having trouble eating his food I would add some wet food to it or soften it but if its not bothering him, I dont think he would need it. Hopefully those teeth come in fast!

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    I have never changed the type of food I have given my teething pups. I do however always (pups or adults), soak their kibble (4-5 mins) in warm water before feeding.

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