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    This was the 3rd time I noticed these smaller than rice, creamy color, hard dry specks around kokos butt and tail. The first time I called the vet because she had just had a parasite and ovum test done that WAS sent to the lab, to make sure it was negative and that they did check for tapeworms. They said yes and test was negative. So when I found them again I was like "I might must be jumping to conclusions, they are just some sort of grass or weed", so then I found them again yesterday and I said, enough is enough we are testing her poop again. So I called new vet and they said it sounds like tapeworms and prescribed me a med for. Its just strange because she is on flea control and worm medication and we treat our yard. Not saying she couldn't have come in contact with a flea but it is still weird she has these. I saw from previous vet records in 2007 she had them then. I wonder if some dogs are more prone to them. Has anyone else had these or can shed some insight.
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    My Dutch Shepherd had tapeworms as an older puppy after we rescued her. Worming does not kill all potential types of worm your dog could be afflicted with. My girl (if I recall right as it was way back in 97) had a shot for the tapeworm and oral meds too.

    If I recall right, they get it by ingesting a flea or eating a carcass with tapeworm or eating contaminated poop.
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