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    QuestionRaw food diet??

    My husband and I were looking into healthy, cost effective options for Gibson's food. He is a 5 month old and will eat just about anything. We were recently using Hill's Science LBP food as recommended by the vet, but were very disappointed once we did our own research on it. We came across some articles on the benefits of having dogs on raw food diets and were wondering what your opinions were on the matter. I don't know much on it other than the few things I read, so anything would be helpful. Thanks so much!

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    I would google for forums strictly about raw. do as much reading as you can on the topic. your pup is still quite young, most people wait until they are no longer puppies to start raw (it is much harder to get proper balance of nutrients with puppies).

    There is some good prepared raw that you can start, maybe start looking locally. smaller independant shops.

    raw is great but you need to do it right. it's not just giving the dog chicken. you need proper balance, including bones, organs, etc. and some include vitamins to balance. I think it's great if you can do it.

    Also keep in mind there is a vast middle ground between food found at the vet's and some other foods. And to be careful about food rating websites, some foods with low ratings actually work GREAT for dogs and keep them healthy.
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    There are several forums that have people with a LOT of experience in raising puppies on raw. It can be done successfully, but as Tanya said, you do have to give some thought to it, and be very aware of the nutrients. Dog Food Chat is a good forum that has people that have experience from Prey Model Raw to quality kibbles. Yahoo also has groups such as Raw Chat (I think that is the name) where people do raw very routinely.

    Try looking into some other kibbles. There are a lot out there that are way better than Science Diet. You can try switching to a better kibble, and then experiment with a raw meal here and there as you gain experience in the nutritional aspects of raw. If you decide to go raw, make sure you have a lot of freezer space (but if you only have one dog, it is not too bad), and you will have to get good at shopping for bargains in meat.

    Good luck! A well fed raw dog can be extraordinarily healthy, trim, and happy!

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