Has anyone dealt with Pred related Cushings
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Thread: Has anyone dealt with Pred related Cushings

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    DefaultHas anyone dealt with Pred related Cushings

    Tests come back next week, but they are fairly sure.
    He was border line last year after being on it for his Crohns. He lost a lot of muscle tone and fur. We took him off it,. His fur came back but the muscle in his head never came back and never will.

    We put him back on the Pred about 6 months ago as his Crohns isn't stable.
    We knew there could be a possibility he would develop Cushings symptoms again, but had to weigh up the pros and cons, so kept the dose low. We have got the Pred down to every 25g every 3 days and that isn't really enough to stablise his gut, but we are managing.
    He has been vomitting so I am hoping it has been the bread he stole.

    I know this sounds mad.Hoping it is the bread. This I can deal with. If it isn't the bread we don't kinow why his gut is unstable again and this always terrifies me.

    Any adivice would be great t.y.

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    No advice on the Cushing's but SO sorry to hear about all the medical issues you continue to have with Ernie. Good thoughts for you here that he improves.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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