Lab not eating food, very worried!
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Thread: Lab not eating food, very worried!

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    UnhappyLab not eating food, very worried!

    My 11 month old Max has stopped eating food for some reason. It started almost a month back when Max started vomiting on daily basis. He had loose motions too. I took him to vet and he was diagnosed with a severe stomach infection (probably he ate the stuffing of his stuffed toy). After a course of antibiotics he got a bit better. I started giving him boiled chicken with royal canin and things worked well for a week or so. but then he got a ligament tear in his shoulder and we stopped taking him out for play. The vet asked us to put him on bed rest and to take him out for just 5 mins twice a day so that he may relieve his bowel. bUT, Since yesterday MAX is not eating anything, not even chicken for which he would have given his right eye under normal circumstances.

    Also, i bought a pug puppy 3 weeks back and i thought that Max is not eating because of emotional issues. But the two get along well. Lastly, i can see initial signs of 'puberty' in Max. I really dont know what has happened to my baby and i am desperate to help him out. I am going to take him to vet again and he will do some blood tests. but in the mean time can any of you make something out of this?? any sort of help will be greatly appreciated..

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    Cute picture of your guys. I hope Max is feeling better by now.

    Brookville, Pa.

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    I hope Max is doing better now and that you found out what the problem was. Please update when you can.

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    I too hope all is well. Love the pic...

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