Duke is my now senior, chocolate lab. He was diagnosed with cancer (malignant melanoma) in June of this year. The tumor he had growing in his mouth had a smell...a very foul stench.

When we had it removed, the smell was gone.

Duke has been on the DNA vaccine (the initial 4 shot treatment), but alas, a smaller tumor has regrown in roughly the same area of his mouth.

Its much, much smaller though, but within weeks; the smell came back.

Until today...When I came home from work and hung with the old man in the backyard watching our two new puppies chase each other, I noticed that the smell wasn't there. I checked his mouth...and yes, the tumor was still there...but oddly, that "smell" wasnt there.

He seems fine...even caught him playing and running around with the two little puppies (a 9month Yorkie, and a 4 month Morkie). He eats well, drinks well, and has had no troubles with incontinence in the house.

I should be glad there's no smell, but just wondering if anybody knows what that means.

I love this guy...