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    Hi, I have a 4 year old yellow lab (George) who seems to has suffered a very un-lab like loss of appetite, he always used to gobble down all his food in a few seconds, but now unless I spice it up with some shredded cheese or yogurt he shows no interest in it at all. He was originally eating TOTW Salmon but when he Fred stopped eating I tried changing him to Fromm's Whitefish, he loved it for a few days and then went off that as well. A friend with a lab suggested I try Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Bison - same thing again, massive interest and appetite for a day or two and then no interest whatsoever. I'm trying to stay with the 'higher quality' foods as they seem to work better for his allergies. Can anyone suggest anything? I really don't want to keep changing his food.


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    You put the food down for 5 minutes. If he does not eat it you lift it up and offer it again at the next meal period. He will not starve himself. Spicing it up with added in goodies just helps make a picky eater.

    As long as you have a dog who is in good health (with no injured teeth) and you are feeding a decent food (and the bag is not off) there is no other reason for his behavior except that he is holding out for something better.
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    I would have a vet check him over, especially in the mouth area. If nothing is wrong, I would do the put down the bowl/pick it up thing.

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