Staph or allergic dermatitis
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Thread: Staph or allergic dermatitis

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    DefaultStaph or allergic dermatitis

    I have a two year old lab with a pretty established history of being allergic to something. He scratches, itches, etc all the time. He has had two ear infections attributed to allergies.

    Tonight when I was playing with him I noticed he had some scabby sores on his back. Further inspection revealed he had LOTS (at least a total of 20) all over his back from the neck down to the tail. None on his belly or legs though. They are crusty, scabby and obviously bled because they are black scabs.

    My question is this: Is this a symptom of staph infection or does it sound like allergic dermatitis? I gave him a Benedryl and I have noticed some eye discharge this week so I am leaning towards allergies but I just don't know.

    Anyone encountered anything similar?

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    It sounds like you have a dog with allergies. What have you done to address the possible allergy situation? Do you make sure your dog is totally flea free? Dogs that are allergic to fleas can get flea allergy dermatitis from even one bite. Also, have you tried going to a grain free food? Our Sophie is allergic to grains and chicken. She was a mess, sores, ear infections, hair loss and lots of scratching. We switched her food and within two weeks she was coming out of it. If you have tried this and have not seen any improvement, then it is possibly an environmental allergy. Those are harder to pin point and to fix. Since you dog is 2, he can be put on predinsone to help with the allergies. Vets won't put a puppy on predinsone unless there is no other choice.

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    I would see the vet. There are so many allergies and symptoms and to me if there are scabs it means the skin has broken and could become infected.
    I have 2 allergy dogs and both very different, needing very different food and treatment.

    Until I rescued Tess last year I had no idea allergies manifested in so many ways. Erns has them and they manifest in his gut and skin. Tess it is yeast infections and itchies. She smells which I am told is a give away for yeast. She has bald patches and black things grow there. I thought it was something nasty, but the vet says put oil on it and it comes off. Used to look horrible, but with regular coconut oil looks better.

    Could be food or environmental. From what I understand only a small number of allergies are food.

    Tessas previous owners didn't do anything for her and the allergy vet and my vet have both said if they had done something earlier she wouldn't be in the state she is today. I had no idea this could happen so I am probably being a little paranoid and if it were me I would see the vet.

    Good thoughts you can get on top of it.

    eta. Tessa had cronic ear infections. They can become bad very quickly. I use an ear wash and drops when they are bad. Erns has never had ear infections.
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