Discourage jumping? Good idea ?
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Thread: Discourage jumping? Good idea ?

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    DefaultDiscourage jumping? Good idea ?

    While out walking the pup this weekend ran into 2 separate people who said something like "oh he should not jump, don't want to risk ACL injury".

    Is this being over cautious ? Perhaps I had bad breath and they wanted to get away ?

    Is a dog of proper weight who gets regular exercise able to run and jump as he / she pleases ?

    Would it be reasonable to say after a gentle warm up like a 5 minute walk they can then jump?
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    Our lab tore her ACL from retrieving a stick/ball - whatever. It was the overrunning of the object and the twisting to turn and come back to the object that caused the injury. She had it repaired. The vet said the other would probably need repaired also but we stopped playing "fetch". She did fine and never needed the other repaired. We lost her to a brain tumor this August

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    well, yes and no. with very young pups you would want to try and limit (as much as possible) stuff like jumping on furniture and jumping in and out of higher vehicles. In dog sports you would not do jumps (agility/flyball) until the dog is mature (for labs around 18 months). Or well, they use what they call "puppy jumps".

    If I was on a walk with a young dog I would let them do as they please on softer surfaces but maybe not encourage it.
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    I wouldn't let my pup jump if there was any doubt it might harm his joints. Maybe I am over cautious too, but having adopted Erns with bad joints as his previous let him jump and run I never want to see another dog in the pain he has had to endure the last 6 years.

    Last year I rescued Tess. My big clumsy 6 year old tank I thought was bullet proof. Four weeks ago she ruptured her ACL while at the beach. I knew ACL ruptures weren't good, but never in my wildest dreams did I think they were as bad as they are. Erns has had tears with 6 weeks crate rest, but the complete rupture surgery involved having a wedge put into the bone and plate screwed into the leg with 8 weeks crate rest. Plus the long haul to recovery.

    So for me any chance of making sure my dogs joints are o.k I stay on the side of being over cautious.

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