Puppy Strangles in golden lab 9 months old?
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Thread: Puppy Strangles in golden lab 9 months old?

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    DefaultPuppy Strangles in golden lab 9 months old?

    I'm new to the forum and hope that someone out there may be abke to help or at least share any knowledge with us. We are in in the UK and our puppy is a 9 month old golden lab and has recently developed open pink coloured sores around the snout, lower jaw and her glands are very swollen in her neck. Over the last day or so some sores have appeared on her lower belly. . She is clearly in some discomfort as the sores are open and sometimes weeping blood. However she is eating OK. She is generally tired and clearly unhappy. We have taken her to the vet who believes that it may be dog acne, and has prescribed a penecillin type antibiotic for 14 days. We are 5 days into the treatment and in all honesty she is not getting any better. We took her back to the vet today and he has suggested a lymph gland biopsy and skin scrape, to see if it is more serious or if she is allergic to anything. We think however that her symptoms better match puppy strangles- but apparently this only occurs typically in pups up to 4 months. Has anyone know puppy strangles to be present in much older puppies (9 months) - Any help or experiences would be really helpful - Thanks Dan

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    FWIW: In the UK it may be different but on this side of 'the pond,' the 3 Lab colors are Black, Brown, & Yellow -- not Golden as in Golden Retrievers.

    I looked up puppy strangles in my copy of Giffin & Carlson's "Dog Owner's Home Veterinafry Handbook" (3rd Edition) and while the description is similar to what you describe, they also say it occurs between 4 to 16 weeks of age; that bacteria are occasionally found but not usually and that "most cases are considered to be an inflammatory immune process of unknown cause."

    Hope you find the correct treatment soon.

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    Sounds a little like hot spots. Has she been checked for staph?
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Is it for sure strangles? Puppy acne can definitely affect pups up to a year or so, and can flair coinciding w/ sexual maturity since hormones can lower the immune response. It's usually self limiting however. Good luck. Anne

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