For those who wonder what to feed
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Thread: For those who wonder what to feed

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    DefaultFor those who wonder what to feed

    Things to think about when you choose your Dog food. I am going to change the feed i give Axel and Ozzy but don't know to what yet. Any suggestions would be gratefully received as all i have seen in our local shop has all the wrong stuff in them...

    Do you agree or disagree with what is written in this link?

    How to Avoid Choosing Dog Food with Inferior Meat Content
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    What are you feeding them now and how are they doing on it? Unless it is a poor quality food and they are not doing well on it why would you mess with something that s working? Unfortunately there is not one specific food that is "the best" or works for all dogs. The most important thing to do is to find a good quality food that works for YOUR dogs. I just don't think it is a good idea to mess with something that is working.
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    I don't have a problem with by-products in a food as long as it's named. I want to see chicken by-product rather than just poultry by-product. By-product is usually organ meat, necks and yes feet. I had a friend who worked at a rendering plant and chicken feet were saved and shipped to Asia where they were considered a delicacy. I wouldn't eat them, but hey obviously someone else would. I wouldn't eat pigs feet, but I see them in the grocery store.


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    I agree with the if it's not broken idea !

    I feed mine with Burns High Oats ( keeps weight down ) supplemented with pedigree beef in gravy !

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