New puppy having issues with food, needing something new today!!
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Thread: New puppy having issues with food, needing something new today!!

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    ExclamationNew puppy having issues with food, needing something new today!!

    I got a new lab puppy a couple of weeks ago, named Lucy. Lucy just turned 10 weeks old today. She is currently on iams puppy food, and I am wanting to switch her for a couple of reasons. I am wanting a better quality food for her. She is having a few small issues on the iams, she is pooping every hour or 2, not torn up, normal poops, just often!! She has dry flaky skin and I was hoping a better quality food would help that, and she is not all that interested in eating, she will just pick at it here and there. The first two days I had her she was a food hog, and after that it went to not all that interested. I had looked at 4health brand and nutro naturals lamb and rice. I got the 4 health yesterday because it was the cheaper and I am returning it later today! She doesn't like it at all, and I don't blame her, it smells really weird/stinky! Plus she has thrown it up twice this morning! After that I gave her some of the iams by itself instead of mixed with some 4health and she kept it down. Does anyone have any good suggestions? Should I try the Nutro that I looked at before, or any better ideas? I wanted something without corn or wheat incase it was causing the dry skin. I can't afford some of the super expensive stuff, But I want to get something better than Iams, hopefully something she will like the taste of better also. I have had a lab mix in the past and she was a major food hog, she ate every bite of food I put down and didn't even want to let our yorkie we had have any lol. I kinda expected the same thing with this puppy, but so far it has not been that way.
    The picture is from about 8 weeks when i got her.
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    If you are going to change the food you definitely need to do so gradually to avoid causing major problems with your puppy. I would not feed Iams or Nutro, personally and I have never heard of 4Health. Many of the breeders on this forum feed and highly recommend Purina Pro Plan, but not the shredded varieties because of the amounts of soy in them. Many labs are fast eaters but some are not.
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    I tried Innova with my puppy as the food the breeder fed isn't available near me, we didn't ever get a solid poop. I switched to ProPlan and have had great success, my puppy loves it, he looks great and his digestive system is like clockwork!

    ETA: Your puppy is adorable!
    Smokey 4/25/2012

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    Precious little soul !

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    Nutro used to be a decent food, but it hasn't been for awhile.

    Try the ProPlan chicken and rice puppy (not the SHREDDED BLEND) or if you can find it the Royal Canin Maxi Puppy. Both are good foods and most breeders I know feed one of these foods.


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