Laryngeal paralysis and surgery?
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Thread: Laryngeal paralysis and surgery?

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    DefaultLaryngeal paralysis and surgery?

    I was curious if anyone's dog has had it and you decided to have the surgery. Why did you choose to have it? Or not? Regrets? What daily symptoms did/does your dog have? Panting, episodes that they can't catch their breath. Ranger has it and I notice him panting more and more.

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    I am sorry Jeanne. Was that what Pats dog Jack had? or one of dogs and she did the surgery.

    Good thougts coming.

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    Yes, that's what Jack had. I was just curious to see some other opinions. There are some risks with both. Dogs that have the surgery are also prone to aspiration pneumonia but then again, they can breath better.

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    I personally know two Labs that were diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. I know that there are different severities of paralysis and that can kind of determine whether or not surgery is needed. Morgan was diagnosed about a year and a half ago. He also had a large tumor in his abdomen and was losing all muscle mass in his rear. Towards the end, he was fed pureed dog food mixed with water and drank water out of a water bottle.. It got bad really fast and he was put down a couple of months ago.

    My friend Amanda's Sunny had this as well - the hot and humid weather did not do her any favors and she had a horrible time breathing. She also passed away recently.

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    Our little Tootsie has LP, she had her vocal cords cut at least once there is a lot of scar tissue. We have been dealing with her LP since we adopted her at the age of 3 yrs. Our rescue told us to use a harness only not throat corrections, keep her weight down and as stress free as possible. I did some research when we first adopted Tootsie about the tie back surgery but it scared me so we never went forward with that, I have known of a few that have had the surgery and are doing well.

    We elevated her food bowl and have a couple elevated water bowls as well as water bowls on the ground. We keep her cool in the summer and warm in the winter. She plays as much as she wants and seems to know when she needs to stop and take a break to catch her breath. We do have to bring her in every once in a while as she loves to sun bathe. Tootsie will be 13 in October the heat and humidity have gotten to her this summer more then in the past she had been gagging more this summer so she takes benedryl and pepcid that seems to have helped with the gagging.
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