4 month old puppy breathing fast
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Thread: 4 month old puppy breathing fast

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    Default4 month old puppy breathing fast


    I have a 4 month old lab mixed puppy and for some reason he seems like he's breathing pretty fast. His toungue isnt out so he's not cooling off or so I think. He's just breathing fast. Other symptoms are that earlier today I saw little rice-looking worms (maybe a little flat) in his poop so I dont know if this is related to the fast breathing or not. Anyways, other than that he seems pretty active and he's eating as he normally does. In other words he seems fine except for the fast breathing and the worms. any suggestions? do dogs do this normally?


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    Is his belly distended? If he is really full of worms his belly could be putting some pressure on his lungs I guess.

    You need to see a vet and get him treated.
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    Your puppy has tape worms and the segments are often seen in their poop. Make sure you describe what you saw to your vet. If puppy has tapeworm it also had or has fleas. Both issues need to be addressed as soon as you can get an appointmet with the vet. Not sure about the fast breathing.
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    Sophie breathes fast and pants when she is stressed. Is your dog scared or stressed about anything? You also need to ask your vet for worm meds. Often you don't need an office call for worms. The vet will just let you have the proper medication for them.

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