Area around my Lab's right eye suddenly dark - should I be worried?
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Thread: Area around my Lab's right eye suddenly dark - should I be worried?

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    DefaultArea around my Lab's right eye suddenly dark - should I be worried?

    My (we think 9 month old - she was a rescue) )Lab, Sugar, suddenly has a a darkening of the skin around her right eye. Should I be worried? ANY idea what this might be?


    Some things that might be relevant: She was recently fixed and yesterday was her first time returning to the dog park since her surgery. Today was the first time this dark ring around her eye was noticed. The dark skin doesn't show signs of irritation and she hasn't been scratching at it or anything. We have another dog - a 2 year-old Siberian Husky.

    I'm really worried about her, but at the same time I don't have the money to take her to the Vet if it's nothing (although I absolutely will scrape up the money if this is something serious!)
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    Does it seem weepy? In the picture, she looks to be squinting that eye a little bit and it looks puffy above the eye to me. I would take her to a vet. Eyes are something that can become inflammed or infected and easily can lead to damage if not treated.

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    There are a ton of things that can cause eye issues.. Some times it's a piece of fur, sand/dirt, etc that causes issues. Kolby just had conjunctivitis in one of his eyes, which caused a greenish-white discharge that smelled very metallic. A vet visit and some eye drops cleared it up in about 10 days.

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    *points to her right palm*


    Get thee to a vet. You never mess around with eyes.


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    Id take her to the vet the eye is too sensitive so i wouldn't risk it. Is she loosing hair around her eye? It could be a type of infection.

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    She could have scratched it while on a walk or at the dog park. I would take her to the vet ASAP, this happened to Lola while on a hike and it was treated with eye drops
    Melissa & Lola (the Lab)

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