14 week old puppy not eating
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Thread: 14 week old puppy not eating

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    Default14 week old puppy not eating

    Long story about what has happened... because idk if this all could be the cause of it or I am just worrying to much.

    We recently got our new lab puppy from a rescue shelter a few weeks ago. We were told she had a small cold (kennel cough) when we got her. We were given medicine to give to her each morning and night. We were giving her medication on time and everything was great she was eating playing and sleeping like she should..o and chewing on everything in sight lol. One night she woke us up to some really bad coughing, we were very concerned and decided to take her to an emergency animal hospital. They saw her and told us the same thing she had kennel cough and prescribed different medication because the original stuff we got was just some random pills the rescue person gave us(I will get into the rescue shelter in a bit very angry with them) We took her home and she was doing good eating playing an everything. Well she had an allergic reaction to the medication that started 6 hours after she got home. So we found ourselves back at the hospital. She got a few shots and the swelling went do and she was doing well. They gave her different medication and this time it worked. She only coughs a couple times a day and is doing really good.

    Well my girlfriend had to go out of town for work and was going to be gone for 8 days. Lexi (our puppy) was staying at her place up to this point. But with her leaving I felt that it would be better to have her around people all the time. One so she doesnít get lonely and two so she gets her medication on time. So I bought her over to my auntís house and they just love her. Lexi was very happy to be there. They have a fenced in yard she loves to run around and play in. She was eating and drinking and sleeping and yes still chewing on everything lol.

    Well yesterday when I went to give her breakfast, at the normal time, she walked up looked at it and then walked back and laid down and went to sleep. A few hours later she did eat most of her breakfast... which is still weird cause she is a puppy and should be destroying her food. Well I gave her lunch she didnít eat any of that.. and when dinner came around she took one bite. I was getting concerned so I took her to the hospital again.

    The doctor looked at her and tried to give her some cat food (I guess most dogs will eat that stuff like crazy). She didnít touch it. The doc ran some test. Negative for parvo. No known toxins. She had some... rabbit yeast? (I was told it meant she ate some poop or something along those lines but it was nothing to worry about) and she had come back with coccidia. She was given medicine for that. The doc said that the medicine works really well and she should be normal by the next day. We gave her the medicine like it was prescribed. We got back home that night and a few hours later she ate her dinner that we had left out. Medicine is called (Ponazuril i believe)

    The next morning I put out her breakfast and she ate a 1/2 of it. Lunch time she didnít eat anything. I took her back to the hospital just to be safe and the doc said that she is looking a lot better and that I should just give her some more time. O and he gave her some cat food and she ate it but the doc said almost every other dog would scarf it down.

    I was wondering if there was anything I could do besides wait and watch her not eat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I hear that they are picky about eating time and what they eat. Idk if it has anything to do with my girlfriend being gone since she was with her for like 4 days straight when we first got her. I just don't know.

    I can attach some pictures in a bit too.

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    I am so sorry you are going through this. I am thankful you adopted Lexi, and are such good parents! I am kind of thinking she has been on so many medications that it is possible her tummy may be all our of whack. Since the vet doesn't find anything that would cause this, and you are actively seeking care and treatment, I think I would try giving her a little plain yogurt. Puppies love it, and it is soothing to the tummy along with providing probiotics. I know that when I am on antibiotics for awhile, it tears my stomach up! Its worth a try and the probiotics won't hurt either.

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    Poor girl has been through a lot at such a young age Thank you for rescuing her and taking such good care of her. Use the search field on the forum for coccidia - there is a recent thread about it, I recall someone saying it may need more than the original round of meds to clear up?

    Her system is out of whack, she could likely use some probiotics due to her gut being stripped of all the good bacteria due to all the meds, but being 14 wks old I would double check with the vet what to give her. A bit of yogurt should be fine, but don't over do it due to the high levels of calcium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pippa01 View Post
    You should feed her twice each day, once in the morning and once at night. To see how much to feed her, look on the back of the dog food bag and it should have different sized serving recommendations for your puppy. GOOD LUCK!!
    Generally, small puppies do much better with 3 meals a day. And.. The bag is not a great source for feeding recommendations as te food company's advice usually over feeds.
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    *points to her right palm*


    Maybe I missed it, but how much food are you feeding per day which food?

    Oh and don't feed cat food on a regular basis. It's not nutritionally correct for a dog, especially a growing puppy.


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    I feel so sorry for you current struggle. Hopefully you two make it through.

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