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    Ms. Maggie is 11 months old. She weights in at 45 lbs. Her mom was an English Chocolate and Dad was a Yellow lab. Maggie was the 2nd and last litter. She is healthy strong, eats what the vet recommended and plays with our 3 boys endlessly. She is very small though. Her dad was big And husky, her mom being English was shorter but stalky. Maggie is only about 22 inches long and about 21 in tall. She is for a lack of words, A mini-Lab. Does anyone else have a very small lab? Her size is not an issue for me , I love my baby girl but curiosity has the better side me. Will she grow much bigger? Is this just genetics or a concern. When I read the AKC guidelines for a lab, she is falling short of the average size. I'm

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    Bentley is two and only 60lb's, But he is a rescue and I didn't meet his parents. Not all puppies will fall in the same range as their parents. Some may get bigger, others smaller. She may "fill out" more but she may not get bigger(height wise). But I am not an expert and could be wrong.
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    What is the vet recommending she it?

    While she is definitely light, height-wise she's right on. Labradors are not a huge breed.

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    Tins, JavasMom, has a chocolate that I believe is even smaller than your girl. She is just gorgeous! Labs seem to ccome in many shapes and sizes. I wouldn't worry about as long as your vet says she is healthy.
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    Journey is small, but about the height of your dog, as is her mom Kodi. My lines can continue to grow height wise after they are a year old (I think Belle grew an inch after she was a year old).

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