Puppy urine a biohazard?
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Thread: Puppy urine a biohazard?

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    DefaultPuppy urine a biohazard?

    Hi, I'm jay, a new dog owner and a new member.

    Since we got the dog I have noticed my lawn is starting to have more bald spots. As I started to pay more attention I realized my puppy's urine is causing my grass to die, little spots at a time. Maybe not always, but occurring enough for me to notice and worry.

    What should I do to help his urine? Should I be concerned? Is this normal? Pure coincidence? Most importantly will it harm us humans, especially kids?

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

    BTW I slowly started to feed nutro for puppies and his diarrhea has been contained, for now. Those feeding blue buffalo having trouble I would recommend nutro, lamb and rice.

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    Ya...my back yard is a disaster. My two have almost killed half of it. I think that it's the nitrogen in their pee. We just have up for now, but are re-doing the yard next summer and will put in a designated potty area for the dogs. It's a fact of dog ownership.
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    You need to dump a gallon of water on the spot they just peed on if you want to dilute it and not affect the grass. Most homes with dogs have less than lovely lawns. Crabgrass, interestingly enough, seems impervious to pee.

    No - you don't have to be concerned about your children - it's not acid.

    Glad you like Nutro and that it works for your dog. It's not a food I would choose - they had too many problems with recalls a few years ago for me to trust their products ever again. But - if you like it - it's good for your situation.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    I have seen lots of posts about Blue Buffalo being too rich. I am glad the diahrrea is better. You can google Nutro recalls and decide if it is a food you want to stay with. Maybe you should hose your grass down daily to help dilute the urine.

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    Thank you guys for the replies, especially you sophiemama. You have been very helpful with all of my questions and concerns.

    I did look up nutro recalls and they were mostly canned goods. No dry foods were mentioned. Nutro is not in our long term plans as we plan on switching back at a better time when his tummy is better prepared.

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