Vaccinations...which are necessary/which are optional?
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Thread: Vaccinations...which are necessary/which are optional?

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    DefaultVaccinations...which are necessary/which are optional?

    We'll be rescuing a young dog sometime within the next few months and I want to learn about vaccinations ahead of time. So far I've only read about parvo and heartworms and those vaccinations seem really, really important so we will definitely opt for them. We're in FL with lots of mosquitos so we'll do year round heartworm treatment. Dog will be an indoor dog of course but we'll spend lots of time playing in our back yard and going for hikes.

    I'm very cautious about vaccinations and do not fully vax my children (mainly because of their medical issues) so I want to be careful and make an educated decision about which vaccines our dog will have. Chances are he'll be fully vaxed and up to date when we rescue him; so this is for after we rescue him. If it makes any difference we're looking to adopt a dog around 8 mos -2 yrs old. I plan on interviewing potential vets and asking them the same questions but wanted to ask here as well.

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    Typically Distemper and Parvo are the big ones. Then rabies, which is state mandated. Bordatella if you are going to board or use doggy day care services. HW in your area for sure. And you'll have to talk to your vet to see if Lymes and Lepto are a concern where you live.

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    Depending on the age of the dog you rescue, you will need either a 1yr or 3yr distemper combo vaccine and rabies vaccine. I don't give the bordatella as it is very ineffective, but some training facilities, boarding facilities and vet clinics (prior to surgery) will require it.

    As LuvBrown said, you may also need the Lepto and Lymes vaccines depending on where you live and what the exposure level is, especially if you plan on hiking.

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