Hi fist post in a while Flakey dandruff
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Thread: Hi fist post in a while Flakey dandruff

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    SmileHi fist post in a while Flakey dandruff

    Hi we have a choc lab about a year old he never shed till about a month ago but now is really shedding, we brush him regularly which helps alot but we have noticed the last couple of weeks he has like dandruff flakes only seem to be on his back. We have been spending alot of time at our RV park as of late so he is spending alot of time in the water swimming what can help or prevent this ?

    Thanks in advance we love this site spent ALOT of time here till we put down our last yellow lab Max could not bare to come back since but may again now that we have a new boy to take care of.


    HEY ALL did a search on here and got some good info thanks again
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    Try introducing fish oil or something like sardines to his diet a couple of times a week.

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    Welcome back. We give Sophie cod liver oil caplets (human ones) twice a day. It keeps the coat glossy, the skin more moist and the heart healthy. If that doesn't help after a couple or three weeks, talk to your vet. Sometimes a grain free diet is better for dogs with dry skin.

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    We give our dogs Alaskan salmon oil capsules (human grade) with their breakfast every day and it really makes a difference in their coats and we've never had a problem with dandruff.

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    I would give a fish oil capsule daily, you will need to brush daily and wash the dog with head and shoulders every 2-3 weeks until cleared up. Do not overwash your dog, just to help clear up the dry skin for now. I had the same issue's earlier in the year and this is what I did for my lab and it worked well.

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