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    DefaultNew owner

    Hi, I'm Jay, a very new dog owner.

    A puppy joined us four weeks ago and now 12 weeks old and 22 lbs.

    We are very inexperienced and would love any tips and advice.

    Chopper eats three times a day, relatively on time at 9:30, 3:00, and 11:30 with 2 cups of blue buffalo for large breed puppies.

    He is fairly house trained but has very little freedom roaming inside yet, spending much time in the crate and pretty ok with it. Plus he sleeps a lot and hates exercise.

    We have two kids and wife is home maker, with niece and nephew during the day as well. They are 12, 10, 8, and 5. The five year old girl seems to be picked on by chopper from time to time.

    Chopper rarely barks and well behaved for the most part, currently dealing with roundworm issues.

    Thats it, any tips from anyone is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi and welcome! where are you located? We are here to help you in any way we can. You said your puppy spends a lot of time in his crate. How much time? The crate is not a substitute for training. At 12 weeks your puppy should be playing a lot and getting exercise. You should be walking him a couple of times a day, 5 minutes for each month he is old. At this point, you need to be training him in what you expect of him. That means house training, teaching him not to bite, teaching him the no-no's he's not supposed to be bothering in your house, teaching sit, and especially drop it and leave it. These 2 commands can really come in handy. Good luck, and again welcome!

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    Thank you for your reply, you are my first answer on the forum. Hoooooray!!

    Chopper is like a machine, after he eats we go out for a walk, within minutes he goes number 1 and number 2. He will walk a bit more then would just lay on the grass until we call him in. After we clean him to go inside he plays with the kids, by that i mean laying on the marble entry while the kids pet him. Soon he gets tired and goes to sleep when we get him in the crate.

    In between feedings we let him out to "play" and he does the same until we put him back in.

    With the help of a clicker he responds to basic commands very good when he wants food or great. He will "leave it" if he thinks he cannot reach the treats before we do.

    From the training stand point I watch a lot of tab289 on YouTube, he is fantastic.

    Like I said chopper eats blue buffalo large breed for puppies, and loves chicken mixed with rice. I would love to hear more people's opinion on food brands, and might let chopper try different brands to see what he prefers.

    Again thanks for reading and replying, I could use all the tips I can get.

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    Please be careful trying different foods especially on a young puppy. It is best to stick with one food that works, as long as your puppy is eating well, gaining weight appropriately and not having issues with loose poop I would leave well enough alone. If you do decide to change please make sure to do it gradually to avoid tummy upset.
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    tab289 is great. Check out Zack George and Kikopup. They both have good stuff too although they are kind of zealots on what they believe. Filter their "religion" out and you can learn a lot from them.

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    Agree with Tammy, stick with one food. You will never really find out what kind he "prefers" since he is a dog, he will eat whatever you give him basically. He is in an important growth stage, so don't muck around with his food.

    He is a baby so he will sleep lots, and even seem a bit lazy at times. If he ever seems lethargic though maybe get in touch with the vet.

    Sounds like you are doing really well with him so far. Any puppy classes lined up? Socialization is important at this early stage, be careful though until he has completed all his shots.

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