Doggy flatulence
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Thread: Doggy flatulence

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    DefaultDoggy flatulence

    I'll admit it's sometimes funny, but when the whole house smells of dog farts, is it time to think about changing food? Or are they just eating too much stuff outside? They seemed to be doing well on Wellness for quite a while, but lately it's gas city around here. Any suggestions? Can I give them Beano?

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    Is anyone sneaking and giving them table scraps?? Or maybe doggy treats. If they are just starting this and they have been on wellness for awhile I would not think its the food. I notice when I give koko a piece of chiken or dog treats she will get gas. It always seems to be when we are spooning in opposite directions! The saying silent but deadly rings true!
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    *points to her right palm*


    My dogs had horrible gas on Wellness. I had a puppy party a few years ago and one of the pups, who was then an adult, ran by and we all smelled him. I asked his people what they were feeding him....Wellness.


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    Mine eat Wellness and are not gassy - but made the mistake of treating with venison treats a few months back and the farts were epic. Threw out that bag.
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