Advice needed on what to do with marleys poor paw x
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Thread: Advice needed on what to do with marleys poor paw x

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    DefaultAdvice needed on what to do with marleys poor paw x

    Hello all , it's been a very long time since I last came into the site , buti would really like some advice about my marleys paw ,
    Yesterday we took him down to the beach for some fun in the evening , my husband threw his ball into the sea and as usual Marley went bounding in to retrieve it , when emerging from the water we it noticed his whole leg was covered in blood , thankfully the water mixed with the blood made it all look a lot worse at first .
    We carried him (all 38kg 's of him ) to the car and took him home for a closer look , he had quite a nasty looking cut on his carpel pad at the back of his foot . I cleaned it with warm water and it stopped bleeding nearly instantly , nothing was in there and he fell asleep as usual. , this morning the door knocked and he leapt up to answer it and as I looked down it was again bleeding ..
    We have a z8 month old pup also so I have kept them apart all day so Marley can rest his paw , I bandaged it up using. Human first aid bandage and fastened it with sterile plasters , he chewed this all off to lick the wound . I will be taking him to the vets in the morning as it has kept bleeding through out the day on and off and seems to be in a very ok ward place to heal .
    Cana none offer me any advice on what I can clean it with to prevent infection prior to out vet trip? He is currently asleep in his bed wit my daughters school sock over it to prevent him from licking all night thank you in advance

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    Sophie cut her pad on her foot awhile back. We kept it clean, and I put antibiotic cream on it. I put a child's sock on her foot and she seemed to leave it alone. In a few days it was closing up nicely. You can also get that stretchy bandage they use on humans. It is like an ace bandage except it is sort of sticky. Let us know what the vet says.

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    One of our labs cut her paw pad pretty bad on ice one winter. We used Neosporin & bought doggy boots for when she went outside. It took awhile but it healed up well. Let us know what the vet says.

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