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    My new puppy was discovered to have parrot mouth. Have fallen in love with him, but because no other puppies in litter showed no signs, does it mean they don't have the gene? How prevalent is this condition? Could other puppies in litter pass it on if they were to have litters.

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    If you are a serious show person/breeder, you do not want a puppy with parrot mouth. It can be hereditary, and since you said "him", no reputable breeder would ever choose a stud with parrot mouth. You can't show this dog and you can't use this dog for breeding. And prevalent? Who knows. It definately happens and it can run in lines.

    As a PET??? Doesn't matter a bit. I had one in a litter. Fantastic dog, eats fine, chews fine, pulls fine, plays fine. Just has an off bite. No big deal. No health issues related to it. If you like him, get him. He's going to be fixed anyway, so who cares.

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