The vet- my story gets even better.
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Thread: The vet- my story gets even better.

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    DefaultThe vet- my story gets even better.

    i did take Turner to the vet. I called and said hey this is an emergency. i have a dog lathargic and dry heaving. The receptionist said he is at lunch. I said, he needs to see him. So since this Turner has perked up to a 100 percent. But, just to be safe i take him to my NEW ( i am new to the area trying to find a good vet) vet. He works him in during normal business hours and palpates him for not more than 10 minutes and then charges me 87 dollars. I don't know about you people but working a dog in for regular hours, it is not standard practice to charge an emergency rate. But screw the money. my vet made me feel like I over reacted. That I was stupid for bringing in a perfectly healthy dog. Ann and Turner

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    I think I would continue to look for a vet you feel comfortable with. You need someone you feel you can trust. This guy doesn't seem to fit the bill.

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    That would be the cost for a normal visit here. Actually I rarely leave the vet without paying 100-. An e-vet visit in this area is at least 300-.
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    it's 65 plus tax here to see my vet no matter how long the visit even with a regular apt. it is what it is. Ask about their policy - if it is that emergency fit-ins have an extra fee than it is what it is (they are fitting you in on top of their normal scheduled which may be full).

    The e-vet here is 100 to say hi, on top of the actual vet-visit bill. And yes, sometimes we end up paying that to be told our dog is perfectly fine and we over reacted. I did this a few months ago with a foster.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    We charge $85 for an emergency visit, even if it during regular business hours. We are a regular veterinary clinic as well as an emergency/specialty service, if we do not have an appointment open then you are charged an emergency visit. But we will always offer an open appointment if we have one. The $85 is just the visit, anything else is additional, diagnostics, treatment, etc.

    The average cost of an emergenc visit is approximately $500. This is nationwide. We have visits from $85 to an all time high of $20,000 for one family with 5 parvo dogs.

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