Heat or Bloat?
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Thread: Heat or Bloat?

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    DefaultHeat or Bloat?

    Advice? It was real hot and my dog Turner came into air-conditioning. I gave him water. He drank a little. Then he started dry heaving. I thought he was over-heated so I wet him down and after awhile he started to perk up. I thought it all heat exhaustion. Then a friend/vet in another town happened to call and said it could be bloat. The only odd behavior i see in Turner is dragging his butt. I think his anals are full. So do I need to worry about bloat? By the way Turner is my new service dog. On the 3rd night I had him he woke me up from a low blood sugar. He is absolutely amazing. Ann and Turner

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    when in doubt call an e-vet. You can usually go over the symptoms with them and they will tell you what they think. While they are cautious, they are also professionals and in a better position to give you advice.
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    Agree with Tanya. Heat exhaustion and bloat are both serious enough to warrant a phone call to the e-vet for guidance. Hope he is ok.

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    Good thoughts coming. Did your vet friend sound concerned or suggest you see your vet?

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