My beautiful 10 month old black female lab is in a vet hospital with parvo she has been fully vaccinated!
We came home last night and gave them both a apple (which they love) and poor lily wouldnt eat it she just played around with it. She so barley had any dinner. My partner checked her around midnight and they where both fine. We woke up at 8 am to find pools of blood on the back patio with no lily in site. We had thought she had gone on heat as she still has not, I found her curled up in the corner or our back yard she would not move to me. We rushed her to the vet hospital where she tested positive for parvo. All the blood was coming out from her bowls. She never had any runny or bloody stools previously. She had a temp of 40 deg. She was put straight on a drip of fluids and antibiotics and maxalon to settle her stomach and pain relief to help her be more comfortable. There has been no change yet. Once we came home my partner threw every toy, blanket bowl ect away and bleached every part of the concert while I took our 6 month old renal rottweiler to that same vet who told me that she wouldn't need a booster for parvo as she was fully vaccinated!!! Untill I explained to her I was the owner of lily, she then gave her the booster. I am worried sick about my girls. I am furious that my poor lily is in the vet fighting for her life when I did everything I was supposed to and I am worried about my rotty. I keep checking every five minutes hoping she does not get the virus as well, has any one else been in this situation. Any adivive or stories of survival and hope to get me throught the next few days would be great .